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Do you know where your shirt was made? How about the person who made it? Most of the fast fashion we’re drawn to has a backstory that we’d rather be ignorant about. But a trending wave, that’s gaining traction fast, is socially conscious clothing. Companies are making a point about transparency, who makes their clothing, what materials they use, and why it’s priced a certain way. Many of these lines also give back a portion of sales to different organizations and initiatives.

socially conscious style

1. XO Tank, $32.97, available at Wear Your Label

2. Lakamo Hoodie, $69.99, available at Ten Tree

3. Women’s Washed Pocket Tank, $30, available at Toms

4. American Flag Women’s Classic, $54, available at Toms

5. Custom Cut Tank, $32.97, available at Wear Your Label 

6. Christina Perri Shirt, $24, available at To Write Love on Her Arms

Personally, this is one of my favourite trends to come about. Since my teenage years I’ve been dreaming of starting my own fashion line that sets straight so many of the unethical policies currently used in the industry. Evidently, I was stunned when the conscious clothing line I started with a good friend took off in a matter of months. Wear Your Label is our clothing brand, that uses fashion to create conversation about mental health. We use sustainable fabrics and packaging, screenprint every item by hand, write our customers letters, and give back to different mental health initiatives. Whether you’re a fighter, survivor, or supporter of mental health, Wear Your Label provides stylish and comfortable clothing for you. It’s a way to become a part of a community that is bigger than yourself. Companies like these are shaping the new fashion industry, and I can’t wait to see how the dominoes continue to fall!

By: Kayley Reed, Fredericton, @wanderrluust

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If You Haven’t Landed a Full-Time Job Post-Graduation, Consider an Internship

Landing a job post-graduation would be the ideal situation; however, as an entry-level candidate, you may have to settle for an internship to start building your résumé. A successful internship program should provide you with the experience and on-the-job skills that you need to land a full-time job. Be certain that you and your future employer are on the same page in order to get the most out of your time with the company.

If possible, the internship should align with your career goals. According to a recent survey from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), 48.4 percent of employers say they are increasing their college hiring. If you’re not one of those new hires, it’s perfectly fine to accept a paid internship; but be sure to get clarification on the following first:

1. Your schedule. Paid interns don’t usually work five days a week, but if they do, it’s not for the entire day. The benefit is that you have sufficient time during the week to pursue your search for a full-time job. Every company is different, so be sure to ask how many hours a week you will be needed and on what days. To emphasize the idea that you possess the characteristics of a permanent employee, you can mention that you’re flexible if told in advance.

2. Your responsibilities. What will your day-to-day look like and how will this internship help you attain your ideal job? Ask for details on the projects and tasks in which you will be assisting with and express that you’re excited about making an impact on the business. If you have documents from your school that highlight the requirements of an internship program, they may come in handy here. Outlining your expectations from the beginning will alleviate any ambiguity once you start.

3. Opportunities for a permanent offer. The great thing about accepting a paid internship after graduation is that you will learn valuable skills at a company that you may want to work for post-internship. Once you’ve got your foot in the door and you start to build your network within the company, you will be able to determine whether or not you want to stay. If you do, approach your manager or the person that you report to and ask for a meeting to discuss the next steps as your internship comes to an end. Now that you’ve proven to be a valuable asset to the team, you can make a good case for keeping you on. Be prepared, this conversation can either lead to an offer, the next steps to an offer, or an honest statement that they are not looking to hire anyone full-time in your position at the moment.

Once all of these details are nailed down, get ready to take some major initiatives. You’re the only one who can make sure that you have the best internship experience.

By: Malicia Basdeo, New York City, @maliciaism

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PR Assistant - WFJ & Analytics at Chanel | New York - Full Time
Still Life Styling Apprenticeship at Gilt Groupe | Brooklyn - Intern
Fall Intern - Accessories at Marie Claire | New York - Intern
Senior Style Editor  at MTV Style, | New York - Full Time
Visual Merchandise Design Director at Bloomingdale’s | New York - Full Time

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Maybe it’s because I grew up in the Maritimes, but one of my favourite recent trends has been the classic fisherman sweater. There are many myths surrounding the origin of the fisherman sweater, but there is no doubt that if there is one transitional piece to shop for now moving into fall – it’s this incredibly versatile cable knit sweater.


1. L.L. Bean Coveside Sweater, $54.95 USD
2. House of Holland Crew-Neck Cricket Sweater, $450, available at
3. Alexander McQueen Skull Cable-Knit Sweater, $960, available at
4. 3.1 Phillip Lim Fisherman Sweater, $695.52, available at Farfetch
5. Fossil Nora Fisherman Sweater, $59.99 USD
6. Joe Fresh Contrast Cable Knit Sweater, $39
7. St. John Yellow Label Fisherman Knit Cardigan, $670.76, available at Nordstrom
8. BP Stripe Knit Open Cardigan, $40.47, available at Nordstrom

By: Liz Doré, Toronto

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During the summer it feels only natural to go on a wine tour or two, especially if you’re living in beautiful British Columbia where wine country is truly just out your backdoor.  Heading out of the city into Wine Country is something everyone loves to do for a little romantic getaway – the wine, the scenery, the oaky smell of the winery barrels – there’s just something so magical about it.

Whether you’re heading out on a wine tour with friends, family, or that special someone, it’s always a good idea to put a little thought into your outfit given that it will be what you’re going to have to wear from sunrise to sunset. You want to bring items that easily layer-up and down so throughout the day you can keep yourself cool;  Think sunhats, throw-on cardigans and oversized sunglasses.

Aside from just beating the hot sun, you also want to ensure that you’re not hobbling about throughout the day, so for this trip I’d suggest leaving those stilettos at home.  Since typically these excursions are day-long you want to feel comfortable, so slip those toes in your favourite sandals, flats or slip-on’s to keep those fancy feet walking comfortably all day long.


J.Crew Mandy dress in seersucker, $148 $99.99

Kate Spade Women’s Violet Wedge Sandal, $228 $171, available on Amazon

Steve Madden ‘Sunny’ Crossbody Bag, $98 $65.66, available at Nordstorm

H&M Fine-knit Cardigan – Black – Ladies, $19.95

Linda Farrow Round-frame acetate sunglasses, $498 $199.20, available on the Out Net

Collection XIIX Women’s Femmy Sparkle Fedora Hat, $36 $10.80, available on Amazon

Kenneth Cole Silver-Tone Blue Faceted Stone Stud Earrings, $26, available on Macy’s

By: Bree

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What does it truly take to succeed in your career, no matter the industry that you are a part of? For many of us, we’re not too certain where we will wind up unless we first experience various trials and tribulations. But for Christie Lohr, the founder of fashion job website Style Nine to Five, a career in the fashion industry was an established goal from the tender age of 10. In Style Nine to Five’s latest blog feature, Christie Lohr will be dishing out on the best in career advice that can be applied to any industry, fashion or otherwise. Expect discussions involving the true spirit of entrepreneurialism, dressing for success, asking for what you want in order to get what you want, and above all, persevering through any obstacle that obstructs your path. Let’s see what’s in store for our opening article to kick off this weekly feature.

Christie Lohr: ”One piece of advice that I’ve given time and time again in interviews, and when asked by any individual as to how to succeed in the fashion industry, is to go above and beyond what is asked of you on the job. Sure, this may be something that everyone is used to hearing over and over again from any professional, but I don’t think many people truly understand the underlying meaning of my statement. For example, most individuals start working in retail as a means to an end, never thinking that it’ll be the start of their career. What I think people often forget is the fact that many corporate hires from major fashion retailers come from within the company. If you prove yourself from an entry level position as a sales associate, you would be surprised at how many doors open for you. I remember phoning head office as a 17 year old, part time sales associate, to ask about what it takes to get a job in fashion marketing. From then on out, I would create inspiration boards for the sales team during my breaks, just because I wanted to, not because it was required of me from the job. I knew that I had to make the most of what I wanted from the job, and this certainly wasn’t an attitude that I abandoned even as I climbed through the retail ranks to Store Manager and Assistant Menswear Buyer for Le Chateau. As a Store Manager, I would constantly be thinking of new ways to hit and exceed the weekly store goals. Oftentimes, the best results were from the most unconventional of ideas. From getting a popular local DJ to come into the store on a rainy Saturday, to dressing up the entire sales team in Le Chateau’s own dresses to promote the product, I enjoyed my role the most when I kept my mind busy. I think many of us spend our time simply going through the paces on the job, but it really is up to ourselves to create opportunities. When I worked as an Assistant Menswear Buyer for Le Chateau, I would go to other stores on my days off to study the latest trends, and often would buy items that I thought Le Chateau should carry to show to the higher ups. I didn’t let my job title as Assistant Buyer restrict me from doing what I felt needed to be done.”

I think many of us that are just starting out in our professional careers can definitely relate to what Christie has just discussed. Personally, I know that I’ve fallen into the trap of thinking of some job opportunities are merely temporary, and disregarding them as a means to developing my career in the given industry. To conclude this week’s careers feature, I’d like to end off with a great quote from Christie:

“Your personal career growth is up to you and not your management. Create the opportunity for yourself by going above and beyond. Always work towards the position you want, not simply doing enough to get by in the position you have.”

Be sure to tune in on Tuesday from 12-1pm PST for our live Twitter #SNTFCareerChat. This is the perfect time to tweet out any of your personal career questions for Christie to answer!

Written by: Anna Zhao

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    -Fiona Buell, Human Resources and Operations Manager, Aldo